A Perfect 10

Sometimes I let my mind drift way back in time, and I often reflect on those things that hadn’t really thought about for 30+ years. Some good memories float about, some bad ones sneak in, but there’s no reason to dwell on the bad ones because that would be giving a voice to something that doesn’t mean a damn thing in the real scheme of things. Yesterday my mind wandered to Dudley Moore, an actor and phenomenal pianist that has been gone from us for nearly 20 years. Back then I only dwelled on the comedic portion of what he brought to the table… and oh my goodness his infectious laugh! I remember later on being in awe of his piano playing. What? An actor that can actually play an instrument, and play it really, really well? When I watched the scads of videos of him playing, I can see in his eyes and facial expressions that being at the piano was where he was most happy. I stumbled across this beautiful piece and I would like for you to take a listen:

Dudley Moore, “The Song from 10 (It’s Easy to Say)”

If that didn’t move you…

It was terrible that PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) robbed him of so many things, including the ability to play the piano. Oh what more beautiful compositions would we have had if that disease hadn’t taken over. In an interview he said of all the things he lost he missed being able to play the piano, then stops talking and just looks down at his hands. Heartbreaking. I could see he was someone who wanted to give us so much more, but his body wouldn’t allow it. He is one of the very few I wish I could have met, but maybe one day I can place flowers at his final resting place in New Jersey to let him know I’m thinking of him, and that in my eyes (and ears), he will always be a perfect 10.