August 2019 Update, Part 2

Missouri State Fair Homegrown Singer Competition, Semifinal Round (August 15, 2019)

It was a bit muggy and overcast on Thursday, but it did keep the oppressive humidity down to a dull roar. I was able to park closer to the entrance today which helped me only sweat one bucket’s worth!

There were five of us competing in this round – there should have been 6 of us, but one contestant unfortunately had to drop out of the competition. Usually when I get to this stage I end up seeing those I have competed against in previous contests – we’re always happy to see each other, even if we haven’t had any interaction for a year!

Thank goodness there were no tractor pulls today, so we all were able to sing pretty much uninterrupted. I’m personally not doing a very good job with hydrating – it was particularly bad during this performance (in my eyes, everyone else I talked with said I sounded just fine). Hydration is key to keeping the vocal cords in good working order (and I’m talking water, nothing else will work).

Once the judging had finished, we were told that there would be three of us advancing to the finals, which a lot of us questioned as we were told from day one that there would only be 6 contestants for that final round. I am pleased to announce that I will be moving on to the finals on Sunday, August 18th. The competition will take place at 2:00pm in the Bud Tent next to the Pepsi Grandstand. Each contestant will be singing two songs, and I hope I will see you there! 🙂