August 2021 Update


I decided not to participate in the Homegrown Singer competition this year. Last year they were not going to implement any safety measures for the contestants so I withdrew from the competition, then a week or so later they canceled the entire event. This year I’m working two jobs so I wouldn’t have any time to participate, which is just as well as I have competed in this event since 2013 and without the result that should have come about, especially during two separate finals.


I have not had a chance to develop my guitar and piano playing skills as I would have liked, again because of working a second job. Working nearly 70 hours a week what little time I have is spent on the basics (eating, sleeping, paying bills, etc.), so there’s no real time for the extracurricular, fun activities in my life. I do miss singing and performing – COVID really smacked that down last year, and with this new delta variant it looks like it’ll continue to be a problem.


Why am I working two jobs? Well it’s certainly not by choice. My daughter’s deadbeat dad was running from paying child support (yet again) and I needed to replace that lost income with another job. This is something that I thought would be a temporary solution but it has turned into nearly a year’s worth of working to get out of debt. It’s still a struggle, especially when other people decide that it’s their “obligation” to ramp up your home improvement timeline just for the sake of being petty, bitter hillbillies. Looks like I’ll be working that second job for a long time to come.