October 2021 Update

Hello everyone! All is still pretty quiet on this front, but I am about to change that. Let’s get into what’s going on!


This pandemic has really put a kibosh on performing live, something I haven’t done in over 18 months, and I gotta tell you – I miss performing! I miss performing so much in fact that I’m working on producing videos for both my YouTube channel and TikTok account. Yes that’s right, I’m now on TikTok, as much as I had tried to avoid it in the past, it has now become a realization that if I want to get in front of a lot of people, TikTok’s the way to go. YouTube will continue to have full performances while TikTok will have that wonderful 60-second snippet of the best part. If you would, please take a moment to subscribe to both my YouTube and TikTok channels – I’d greatly appreciate your support!

I haven’t had a chance to play piano or guitar lately, but hopefully I can sneak some short practice sessions here and there. There are a few songs that I would love to perform but they do not have backing tracks available, meaning I need to learn them on either guitar or piano. That’ll be interesting!


My health is slowly improving, though I’ve been battling this cold of my for about 2 weeks now (picked up that lovely monster when we watched the St. Louis Cardinals win their 17th straight game and clinch a Wild Card spot). Nerve pain is still an issue but the severity has decreased in recent months due to the continued weight loss and being more active. To date I have lost 43 pounds and 8 dress sizes, and I can see the end goal in sight, just on the horizon. I’m slowly getting back into sword training (another activity I have missed doing) to get my fighting strength back up. It had been months since I had picked my bokken up but it’s like riding a bicycle, some parts you remember really well, other parts are like you took the training wheels off for the very first time and ended up flipping into a ditch.

That’s all for now, stay cool everybody!