The Road So Far

It’s been a bit of a rough patch for me health-wise, so I had to step back from performing. Performing takes a lot of energy, energy I did not really have. My diabetes was out of control, unmonitored, unmedicated, and I was paying the price. The pain I was in was excruciating, I wasn’t sleeping, and my stress level was through the roof.

Back in October, I had had enough. I went to the doctor and quickly got placed on meds to regulate my diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. I’m not proud of having to take all these medications, but in order for me to survive, I really had no choice. Plus I’m still raising my teenage daughter so it’s important for me to stick around for as long as possible. In order to accomplish all of this, I had to hang up singing and acting. There wasn’t really any room for those activities, and the last few setbacks on both fronts made me question whether or not I even wanted to continue to pursue them.

I feel like I’m strong enough now that I can get back into singing. One or two songs are good, any more than that right now will exhaust me, but every day I’m getting better, and it won’t be long before I’m back out there singing circles around those twenty-plus years my junior.

As for acting, well, I have my sights set elsewhere, and that’s I’m going to say about that … for now.